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Medical-Conditions Causing Hair Loss

Medical Conditions

  1. Auto-Immune Diseases - an immune reaction that negatively impacts the hair follicles by producing      antibodies that attack these tissues as if they were foreign invaders.
   a) Androgenic Alopecia - the body's immune system is sensitized to increased levels of DHT in the            scalp causing hair loss in these highly concentrated DHT areas.
   b) Alopecia Totalis/Universalis - immune sensitivity to a substance other than DHT.

  2. Connective Tissue Disease - causes scarring of the skin, loss of circulation to hair follicles and              auto-immune reaction leading to temporary or permanent loss of hair.
    a) Lupis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Scleroderma or MCTD.

  3. Exposure to toxic chemicals Tobacco smoke contains hundreds of lethal and damaging                      chemicals which can accelerate normal hair loss and retard effects of medication and surgical              restoration. This effect can result either from being a smoker or from second hand smoke.

  4. Radiation Exposure - Irradiation therapy or exposure to radiation from any source can cause l                localized or total hair loss which may be permanent if the dose is high enough.

  5. Iron Deficiency (Anemia) - Very common with women (eg. from heavy menustration) but also                affects men.

  6. Hormonal Changes - Due to pregnancy, birth control pills and menopause.

  7. Chemotherapy - Due to cancer treatment.

  8. Thyroid Disease - Either Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism causes hair to become brittle and              break, resulting in localized or generalized loss. Correction of the thyroid condition usually causes        the hair to re-grow. 

  9. Individual Reaction to Illness Alopecia can be a reaction to your environment where hair loss is          almost like an allergic reaction.

 10. Stress Usually temporary and transient (of the Alopecia Areata type).

 11. Fungal and Bacterial Infections - Impetigo and tine wapitis.

 12. Side Effects of Medication - Certain prescriptions, some over-the-counter drugs and even some            vitamins (eg. excessive Vitamin A) do produce individual, non-specific side effects of hair loss.              Usually when the medication is discontinued, the hair re-grows. Tell your  health care provider all          the medications you are taking and try to use only one pharmacist to fill all prescriptions.

At Annex Hair Design we can provide solutions to any of these medical conditions.

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